Pre-prosthetic periodontal surgery

Periodontology is the branch of dental medicine that is concerned with the diseases of the supporting structures of teeth. In general the pre-prosthetic and periodontal surgery encompasses all surgical procedures on the jaws and gums, including such that precede implants and other restorative dentures. The pre-prostetic periodontal surgery employs various techniques the aim of which is the optimal health status of the jaws and gums prior to placing dental prosthesis. The proper preparation guarantees also the follow-up physiological adaptation of the prosthetic denture to the existing dentition.

  • Plastic correction of receding gums
  • Surgical methods for correction of the gingival pockets;
  • Surgical correction of osseous defects and deformities
  • Muco-gingival

Statistics shaw that periodontal diseases are the second most frequent after the caries in childhood and affect nearly the entire adult group of the population. With age such conditions may become chronic or acute to such a state that is untreatable with conservative methods. Surgical treatment of periodontal conditions is sometimes applied with patients treated conservatively but with residual inflammation and deep periodontal pockets.