Plastic surgery

Modern plastic surgery holds a reputation of medical speciality with unlimited capacity. The cult of body shapes imposed by pop culture provoke a growing number of people to rely on the plastic surgery professionals for attaining perfection in their appearance. The concept of Medicus Alpha Clinic and our team headed by Dr. Gospodin Zhelev is that of striving for close to the natural shapes that only correct any embarrassing apparent imperfections without transforming the individual into a “wax statue” of uniform perfection. Our specialists respect personal traits and encourage patients to strive for the best individual outcomes instead of any maximum ones.
At the plastic surgery department of Medicus Alpha a personal consulting for the particular patient’s needs and several solutions can be offered. If the patient wishes, we can give advice which of the offered solutions would best suit the aimed results without compromising the individual characteristics, and guarantee for minimum complications risk and excellent short-term and long-term outcomes. Medicus Alpha can help also with severe medical cases of demonstration or consequences that affect the outer appearance: burn injuries, trauma, mammary tuberculosis, deformities of the genitals, complications following hydrogel injection, etc.
Dr. Gospodin Zhelev has 30 years of experience, being one of the first plastic surgery professionals in Bulgaria. He has worked for many years at the burn injuries clinic, he is qualified in General surgery as well as in Repair and Eesthetic surgery; member of the Bulgarian Association of Burn Injuries and Plastic Surgery; the Bulgarian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, and other international professional organizations.

Facial rejuvenation surgery
Corrective nose surgery – Rhinoplasty
Ear conch correction surgery
Breasts correction
Surgery of loose anterior abdominal wall and skin
Plastic surgery of genitals. Vaginoplasty
Body shaping, liposuction
Removal surgeries of benign and malignant superficial tumors, pigmentation spots, tattoos, etc.
Surgical and medicament treatment of scars