Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is one of the modern methods of individual or concomitant treatment of nearly all conditions of the oral cavity. Last generation of the high-frequency bio-oxidative ozone therapy generator is the invariable aid of the dental specialist at Medicus Alpha Clinic.

The medical use of ozone is gaining more and more popularity, yet in dental medicine has a long-proven efficiency. The ozone destroys bacteria, dresses the tissues with oxygen, thus stimulating the immune response, and eliminates toxins. Most of the oral cavity diseases are caused or related to infections and disbalance of the blood flow or metabolism, that is why ozone therapy is widely applied with positive effect on many oral cavity diseases. It is without any side effects, fast, pain-free and thus can be well used as a substitute for medication therapy with patient allergic to medicaments and anti-biotics. It is mostly recommended for :

  • Post implanting;
  • Post extraction, resection, wounds and infections of various origin;
  • For treatment of gingivits, parodontosis, periodontitis, peri-implantitis;
  • For disinfection of root canal treatment;
  • With abscess, granuloma and fistule;
  • With aphthae, herpes, etc, bacterial, viral or fungal infections