Non-surgical removal of hemorrhoids, fissures and fistulas

According to various sources, 50 % to 90 % of population suffer from hemorrhoids in certain stage in their lives. This condition has gained itself the nomination of “the commonest surgical diagnosis”, that is why Medicus Alpha has to offer modern and accessible solutions to every patient.
Rubber-band ligation
It is an outpatient procedure for placing a rubber band ring in the base of the hemorrhoid node. Thus the blood supply is disconnected and the hemorrhoid tissue is terminated and fall off within one to three weeks. This method is applicable only for internal hemorrhoids. Up to three hemorrhoid nodes can be removed at a time. The manipulation can be repeated with a three-week interval. It is almost painless, mini-invasive and hospital stay is unnecessary. It is performed with sedation of the patient.
Bloodless Longo surgery method
Stapled hemorrhoidectormy method named after its inventor, Prof. Longo, is new for Bulgaria and revolutionary in concept and is intended for treatment of external hemorrhoids. It employs the use of special appliance – a circular stapler –  to disconnect the blood flow to hemorrhoid nodes. The procedure is far quicker than the conventional surgical techniques for removal of hemorrhoids. The inpatient period and the recovery time are decreased to several days, and the post-surgery pains are weaker and shorter. Recurrence and complications in the post-surgery period are also minimized.