Laser therapy

The dental ward of Medicus Alpha is supplied with advanced technology equipment allowing the application of the state-of-the art therapeutic methods. One of these, making possible for the dental physicians to provide a new generation dental therapy is the dental laser Er. YAG with Lite Touch system. This equipment is designed for treatment of both soft and hard (teeth, jaw) tissues. The Lite Touch system provides a contact of the equipment to the treated tissue and tactile feedback through sapphire tips of various shape for performing the surgical procedures with highest precision. This type of laser system is characterized by the following advantages:

  • Bactericydal effect – besides the other functions, the laser beam disinfects the intervention area;
  • Hemostatic effect – considerably decreased bleeding compared to turbine or scalpel;
  • Decreased thermal trauma from the laser beam compared to diode lasers;
  • Decreased pain and discomfort during surgery, which allows to fully avoid or lower the dosage of anesthesia;
  • Lower discomfort in the post-surgical period;
  • Applicable with a wide range of patients, including children;

Laser operates without the traumatizing for some patients, especially the children, noise and vibration that go with the conventional methods. It can be used in the therapy of various in type and severity oral cavity diseases.