Laser surgery of the prostate gland

At Medicus Alpha Clinic we make bloodless surgeries of benign formations of the prostate gland by using the latest laser medical technology – Thulium (red) laser. The red laser has this unique ability to evaporate the prostate tissue. It is the safest and the most harmless technology for prostate surgery since it penetrates the surrounding intact tissue only 0.2 mm in depth, compared to 0.8 mm for the green laser, and practically can not damage it. The only counter indication for using this technology is excessive size of the prostate gland, and then other options are available to such patients, e.g. an iterative procedure, or a single precise enucleation (excision of the whole gland).

Description of the procedure

In this procedure a laser probe is introduced through the urethra and then laser beams burn out and evaporate the proliferated prostate tissue. In this surgery, the risk of follow-up complications, like incontinence or sexual weakness which may result from conventional transurethral resection, are decreased to the minimum. The laser method is particularly recommendable for patients of higher anaesthetic risk, cardiac or other chronic diseases, or such on anticoagulation medication for whom the conventional surgical methods are inapplicable.


  • Nearly no blood loss ;
  • Minimized the adverse side effects from the intervention;
  • Recovery within 24 hours allowing immediate resuming of the ordinary rhythm of life;


  • Bladder tumor;
  • Urethral stenosis;
  • Bladder and ureteric calculi;
  • Condyloma, etc.