Laser destruction of calculi in the urethra, bladder and kidneys

The first Holmium (pulse) laser for the South Bulgaria region for destruction of bladder and ureteric calculi has been operating for six years at Medicus Alpha Clinic – one of the first in Bulgaria. Just in the last year over 250 patients were given laser procedures. The pulse laser operates in various frequency and impact force modes and due to this, the risk of the so called “moving upward calculi” in the urethra that may return to the kidney is strongly decreased. This risk is present in the conventional method for destroying bladder stones with permanent hydraulics force. Thanks to the variety of modes in terms of frequency and impact force, practically no bladder stone can resist, whatever its location or chemical composition might be.
The laser has also aseptic effect. When the calculi have been for a long time in the urinary system, their destruction very often results in infection. Compared to other methods, the Holmium procedure bears practically insignificant risk of infectious aggravation.
The Holmium laser destroys the calculi in 100 % of the treated cases. The intervention is bloodless, painless, with quick recovery and a single day hospital stay. The experience of Medicus Alpha Clinic shows multiply improved outcomes and drop in the risk of complications.
The Holmium laser is also successfully used for mini-invasive surgery in removing bladder tumors, urethral stenosis, removal of condyloma.