Laparoscopic surgery of the gallbladder, bile duct and ovary cysts

Laparoscopic surgeries (also known as “bloodless”) have significant advantages compared to the classical open surgeries for the cases of medical indications. In laparoscopic surgery the gallbladder is reached through three incisions of under 1 cm length. Usually patients can get moving within two hours after the surgery, and the pain and discomfort are inconsiderable. The hospitalization period is total of 2-3 days and getting back to daily routine takes a week. Medicus Alpha Clinic is furnished with modern laparoscopic equipment for surgical treatment of cholelithiasis in all of its variations.
In cases of biliary calculus, surgery is mandatory. The calculi may obstruct the bile duct and cause acute complications that require emergency surgery. Sometimes larger calculi obstruct the bile duct, so the bile get retained in the gallbladder and may cause gangrene of the gallbladder, perforation or bile peritonitis, which in many cases has a lethal end. Another risk is that of developing gallbladder cancer, and last but not least – the risk of rupture of the gallbladder wall, the duodenal wall and the calculus reaching the intestinal lumen leading to obstruction of the small intestines that necessitates an emergency surgery of extremely high risk.