Inpatient Care

Medicus Alpha Clinic has the tradition to introduce innovative technology and practices. Just in the last few years, new medical technologies allowing the early and precise diagnostics and state-of-the-art treatment of various conditions, including malignant diseases in urology, maxillofacial surgery and oral surgery, dental diseases. Our hospital is the only one nationally to treat prostate cancer applying the HIFU therapy method and employ the unique 100 % precision diagnostic approach – targeted biopsy with HistoScannig TT. We apply also modern clinical practices in general surgery, plastic surgery, laparoscopic and mini-invasive surgery, and in in orthopedics. The professional experience of our corrective surgery team guarantees to all patients willing to use these services the best results with the least risk and adverse effects. We have developed original treatment methodology applied in urology and maxillopafial surgery, as well as in treatment of alcoholism.

General surgery
Plastic surgery
Dental medicine
Oral maxillofacial surgery

Orthopedics and Traumatology
Treatment of alcohol dependence