HistoScanning TT – targeted biopsy for doubted prostate cancer

HistoScanning TT allows for a new generation diagnostics of prostate cancer. The conventional prostate biopsy is characteristic for the high rate of false negative results for prostate cancer. In 50% of the patients with persisting high levels of prostate cancer marker diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia from conventional biopsy, cancer has been diagnosed with the help of HistoScanning biopsy! By HistoScanning 100% of the omissions in the conventional biopsy procedure are eliminated, which undoubtedly has a huge health and social effect for this group of patients. This method ensures timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment, considerably raises the chances for complete cure and increased longevity and quality of life with these patients. The difference between targeted and conventional biopsy is in the technique of collecting the sample material – with conventional biopsy it is impossible to track down whether the sample is taken from the area of altered tissue or not. This is the reason for the significant number of cases in which the laboratory results presume prostate cancer, however the biopsy result can not supply proof of such process.

The Technology
HistoScanning TT (True targeting) is a system for tissue differentiation with 3D biopsy needle navigation, turning this technology into a new generation diagnostic method for prostate cancer. It is the only method applied in Bulgaria for targeted biopsy of the prostate, and Medicus Alpha is the only clinic equipped with such equipment. The targeted biopsy performed with HistoScanning is able to identify with nearly 100 % precision prostate malignant focus of size 0.2 mm-0.5 mm, thus outrunning in precision even the MRI. The apparatus operates by being connected in real time to the producer’s database containing over 5 mln procedure results from all around the world. This reduces to the minimum the human factor risk, providing the patient with a guarantee for the most precise possible diagnostics.

Our experience
At Medicus Alpha Clinic the HistoScanning technology has been used for two years now. Over 260 patients from around the country who have trusted Medicus Alpha for its unique diagnostic and therapeutic capacity have been examined, and in more than 90 of them malignant processes have been diagnosed. Our internal statistics shows that with over 50 % of the patients who have done HistoScanning as a second biopsy, it turns out to be cancer. Thanks to the specifics of the targeted biopsy, these patients have been given timely treatment and a good chance for considerably higher longevity and quality of life.

How HistoScanning works
HistoScanning TT (True targeting) is a system for tissue differentiation with 3D navigation, producing unequaled visual information. The examination is done under unaesthesia. Applying transrectal ultrasound, the apparatus identifies the altered tissue zones and marks them in red on the monitor. Through the ultrasound image and the automatically generated layout of the altered tissue zones, the specialist is allowed direct visibility. Per each of the said zones, the software computes and displays the optimal route for the biopsy needle to the target and determines the precise position of the ultrasound probe for that purpose. This allows for exceptionally precise identification of the processes resulting in tissue alteration and brings down to the minimum the error risk. The diagnostic precision of HistoScanning reaches 90 to 99 % thus exceeding notably all other image diagnostic methods. This technology is also recommendable for optimizing the surgical procedure in nerve-preserving radical prostectomy – by identifying the size and location of the tumor and engagement of adjacent tissues the operator can make the decision of whether to preserve or not the adjacent neurovascular bundle, i.e. preserving or not the erectile function.