Endodontic treatment of the root canal

Medicus Alpha Clinic has available the full set of medical equipment for first-class endodontic therapy. As part of our in-hospital infrastructure, we have introduced the first in the world system for 3D root canal preparation – SAF SYSTEM, as well as an endodontic microscope. The combination of these two technologies guarantees therapy of the highest quality and precision, available in just a few medical establishments in the country. The microscope magnifies the operative area for the dentist by up to twenty times, and for the correct clinical assessment, what the specialist sees is of crucial importance. The dental microscope functionalities increase by many times the capabilities of the human eye. It is becoming part of the modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods and uplifts the standards of the complex medical treatment. There is an integrated spot lighting in the microscope which allows for precise diagnostics and root canal preparation, guaranteeing the excellent outcomes of any follow-up therapeutic or surgical treatment, as the case may be.The microscope magnification is indispensable with:

  • Denticles (serrations in the pulp);
  • Open apex (incomplete root development);
  • Broken instrument in the root canal;
  • Identifying extra-anatomic formations (abnormalities in tooth anatomy);
  • Obliterated canals (calcificated canals) perforations;
  • Enamel and dentin cracks

For the fulfillment of the modern standards in endodontic therapy, it should be performed with the aid of the microscope – it guarantees precision of therapy and high rate of successful results. Beyond its application in endodontics, the microscope is appreciated for:

  • The significantly improved quality of treatment;
  • The higher aesthetics of the outcome
  • The durable results.

The embedded camera allows for the patient to be included in the therapeutic process. The magnified microscope image speaks better than thousand words and makes it possible for the physician to explain comprehensibly the course of the therapy and demonstrate the scope and effect of the treatment.
The 3-dimensional filling of the root canals
is the most important aspect of this therapy. The root canal cross section is not round, but a complex and often branching structure which can be treated properly only by advanced technology means. The outdated method of filling the canal with a special paste gives controversial results and in many cases repeated treatment of the tooth is required. The endodontic microscope and SAF System in our clinic allow the complete 3D shaping of the root canal with perpetual irrigation and considerably increase quality and results rate even with the most complicated and severe cases.

What is Endodonty?
Endodontic treatment is therapy of the root canal. It is required most commonly in inflammation of the tooth nerve (pulpitis) and when the infection get spread beyond the root canal (periodontitis, cysts). As a rule, these conditions occur as complications of the caries. Caries, on its own, is accountable for nearly 90% of the tooth pathology, and due to poor prophylaxis many of the Bulgarians seek dental care in those advanced stages of the disease. To perform a resulting treatment, the complicated endodontic structure need to be fully exposed, i.e. to identify the position and presence of all the existing canals (in many cases five-six per tooth), prepared in 3 dimensions and filled in an air-proof state. If a canal remains unidentified or poorly treated, complications occur, like dental granuloma, cysts leading to large destructive processes of the jaw, and alternatively to loss of teeth. The objective of the dental physician is the treated tooth to be preserved, cured and to remain in function.

With the advanced equipment and multidisciplinary environment of Medicus Alpha Clinic the diagnostic and therapeutic process stages are:

  • Dental status and orthopantomography – a 2D X-ray image of the full dentition and the maxillary and mandibular bone;
  • 3D scan – with pathological findings, the scanner displays a detailed image of the precise dimensions of the cyst (granuloma), which roots are engaged, are whether other tissues are engaged.
  • 3D endodontic (of the roots) therapy with the aid of a microscope – accurate filling of the root canals.
  • Dental laser is used both in the endo-therapy and in treatment of the root canal surface and bone in surgery.
  • PRF therapy – auto-transplantion of platelet enriched plasma that is produced on site using the patients own blood, which significantly improves and accelerates the healing process.

The modern equipment methods and techniques of operation, and the multidisciplinary environment in which the dental ward is situated allows the team to resolve medical cases.