Diagnostic arthroscopy and treatment of joint diseases

Medicus Alpha Clinic provides state-of-the-art diagnostic arthroscopy and treatment of the knee joint, the elbow and the shoulder joint. Our equipment is by a leading American producer – Arthrex, and the orthopedician, Dr Dimitar Georgiev, has the professional experience of over 800 resulting arthroscopy procedures. The combination of first-class equipment and specialists’ expertise guarantees to patients the best possible results from treatment.

Arthroscopy is a mini-invasive procedure. Through a small incision in the skin (around 0.5 cm) an instrument supplied with optical lenses, camera and lighting is introduced into the joint, and thus the illuminated and magnified inner articular structure is displayed on a large HD monitor. By viewing the image the orthopedician can quickly diagnose the condition and proceed right away to treatment using arthroscopic tools for removal or repair of the affected intra-articular structures. Arthroscopy gives significantly more precise diagnostic information in comparison to image diagnostics, as X-ray, scanner and CTR, and in terms of therapeutic advantages it is incomparably better than what open surgery of the joint can offer, namely:

  • Immediate and more accurate pre-surgical diagnosis;
  • Less intra-surgical traumatism;
  • Considerably faster recovery – a one-day hospital stay and 7 to 10 days post-surgical recovery, and in the mean up to 4 month full functional potential recovery of the joint;
  • Considerably better post-surgical outcomes – greater strength and mobility of the joint after treatment;
  • Extremely rare post-surgical complications;
  • Smaller in size, barely visible scar.