Dental treatment under general anesthesia

Medicus Alpha Clinic has been providing dental treatment under general anesthesia for 15 years now. Our team of dental physicians, anesthesiologists and maxillofacial surgeons have extensive experience and expertise in this medical sphere. General anesthesia is in some cases the only option for solving the particualar dental or oral health issue of a patient, in other – it is a practical solution, because more manipulations can be performed by the different medical professionals, thus reducing the number of visits and the duration of manipulations. General anesthesia is the only way to provide dental and oral care to patients with mental diseases or specific healthcare needs who are unable to collaborate efficiently during manipulations. Thanks to the in-hospital dental ward, this allows patients to be provided with the complete set of consulting, testing and monitoring by specialists, as with any other type of surgery. It is a guarantee for not only the best care of each health issue but for the patient’s general status. The specific organization of work in hospital makes the dental ward of Medicus Alpha particularly appropriate for patients suffering from other chronic conditions and concomitant diseases and who need the cares of a multidisciplinary team. A primary patient group are the young children and those suffering from dental anxiety and fear who also need complex and competent medical care.