Dental medicine

Medicus Alpha clinic is the only medical establishment in the country where dental treatment is available as inpatient service with multidisciplinary care. Dental rooms are integral part of the hospital life which allows overall attention to each patient’s condition and treatment to be applied complexly and accounting for all concomitant diseases. This is especially important in treating children with developmental issues, elderly people with impairment and/or chronic conditions, as well as with large-scale procedures requiring the skills of a maxillofacial surgeon, expert dental physician and an anesthesiologist of expertise in pre-medication and anesthesia for dental procedures and surgeries. At Medicus Alpha we combine the expertise of an outstanding team of professionals and the high standard of the state-of-the-art technology in the sphere. The dental rooms of the clinic are furnished with modern diagnostics and therapeutic equipment. The materials and consumables used are high-class, by world leading producers. The safety of our patients is ensured by maintaining strict infection control compliant with all EU standards. At the Medicua Alpha dental rooms patients can find services for both routine prophylaxis and therapy, and severe conditions challenging for the professionals in this medical field.

Early VEL-scope diagnostics of oral cancer
Dental treatment under general anesthesia
Endodontic treatment of the root canal
Laser therapy
Ozone therapy
Pre-prosthetic periodontal surgery
Nano implants
Electro-odonto-diagnostics, focal diagnostics
Aesthetic dentistry
Pediatric dentistry