Consulting rooms

Medicus Alpha Clinic provides consulting and outpatient treatment in nearly all medical and dental specialities. Besides the the outpatient care physicians, in the medical and dental diagnostic center all our hospital specialists do consulting, thus providing to our patients complex and multi-disciplinary care in both outpatient and inpatient setting. The close cooperation and synergy of these two allow the highest level of assurance for our patients.

The expert consulting is done by scheduled appointments made by phone or on the spot at Medicus Alpha Clinic. Emergency and non-scheduled cases are attended on a 24-hour bases by a an internist on shift, who can appoint further diagnostic tests and consulting with the respective type of specialist, if necessary.

In our major major scope of services, our diagnostic capacity is among the best on national scale. Medicus Alpha Clinic is the only medical establishment in Bulgaria which has available the equipment and specialists for target biopsy in suspected prostate cancer, apparatus for early stages fluorescent diagnostic for oral cancer, and the ultrasound examination of mammary gland, thyroid gland, muscles, tendons and joints is done with the latest generation 3D ultrasound of the highest definition.

General surgery
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Dental medicine
Oral maxillofacial surgery
Plastic surgery
Internal diseases
Pulmonology and Phthisiatry
Hematology and Oncohematology
Ophthalmic diseases
Obstetrics and gynecology
Homeopathy and phytotherapy