Conservative and surgical treatment of fractures

Medicus Alpha Clinic provides timely and expert help on fractures of the extremities and small and medium types of fracture.
The bone fractures are classified by various indications depending on the fracture location, the reasons for the trauma or the type of fracture. The diagnosis is confirmed with image diagnosis that supply sufficient information for the orthopedician to prescribe the most appropriate method of treatment. Taking into account all these criteria, the medical professionals decide whether to treat the fracture conservatively or surgically.

  • Conservative treatment is preferred in medically reasoned cases and where it is likely to have a resulting therapeutic effect. It employs the repositioning of the fractured bone if necessary, and immobilizing it with a plaster cast or splint to support the bones in a proper position. This could be done with anesthesia to lower the patient’s discomfort.
  • Surgical treatment is gaining popularity in the recent years, since the overall advancement of surgery has brought about considerable improvement in the orthopedic surgery outcomes. It is applied routinely for some types of fracture, and with others it depends on the severity of the particular case and it goes on the orthopedician’s discretion. Most often an implant for internal osteal fixation is applied, or external fixators stabilizing the bone until it heals. This is normally done with general anaesthesia.