Breasts correction

In the last decade the breast augmentation surgery has turned into one of the most commonly performed aesthetic surgeries in Bulgaria. At Medicus Alpha patients enjoy the individual approach in planning with precision and in compliance with their wishes and anatomical specifics. Our team is proud of the outcomes because each of our patients has been offered the best suiting solution on individual basis.
Breast augmentation is applied in women with naturally small breasts that have not developed further after puberty; women with decreased size of the breasts after giving birth and breastfeeding; and women with sagging breasts due to age. In some cases, such surgery is necessitated by medical reasons causing severe aesthetic issues, e.g. mammary gland hypoplasia, breasts tuberculosis, etc. For some women it is a cause for low self-esteem and an impediment in communication with the male sex; brings about personal discontent and discomfort. Prosthetics may considerably improve the appearance, lift up the breasts, shape up the outline and enlarge the size of women’s breasts. Such surgeries performed with expertise do not interfere with follow-up pregnancy or breastfeeding.
All implants are practically silicone sachets of different chemical and physical content. There are three types: silicone gel, saline, and hydrogel. Silicone is present a lot in our living, and silicone breast implants have been used for more than forty years, as the world studies prove, while breast diseases, including breast cancer, in both groups – with augmentation and without augmentation – are demonstrated equally. At Medicus Alpha we use implants produced by worldwide leading producers, and the quality warranty are the thousands of contented women.
The incision for introducing the implant may be done in the armpit, around the areola or below the breast itself, and the implant can be placed under the mammary gland or under the pectoralis major muscle . This is important with regard to the outline and position level of the breasts. The standard incision is around 4-5 cm. The surgery is made under general anaesthesia, and this necessitates a twenty-four-hour hospital stay. The breasts are supported with elastic bandage. The recovery takes about a week, and the sutures are removed on the 11the day. Full physical strain is allowed after six weeks, and within this period the patient should wear an elastic body slimmer, girdle or sports bra, avoid sleeping face down and lifting her arms above head. The extent of risk depends on the competency in planning. When the implants are too large and do not correspond to the physiology, the risk of edema and resulting altered sensibility of the nipple and areola increases.
Lifting and reducing the breast size
The improved appearance of the breasts not always require their augmentation. With patients who have the optimal volume, sometimes correction of the outlines is sufficient for the better appearance. Breasts undergo changes during pregnancy, breastfeeding, abrupt changes in weight, diminished elasticity, age. In the cases when implanting is not necessary, the correction includes lifting of tissues, repositioning of the areola and correcting of the breasts outlines. In this type of surgery the incision is either around the areola or T-shaped. The first option is applied for comparatively small breasts that are not too sagging, while the second one is recommended for bigger breasts with which the sagging is more visible.