Apparatus diagnostics for pelvic, rectal and colon conditions

Increasingly growing popularity gains the opinion that fibrocolonoscopy is panacea in diagnostics of large intestine large intestine diseases. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this technique has certain limitations – it can not provide sufficient information for the lowermost section of the colon where practically 90 % of the malignant formations originate. This deficiency, however, could be overcome with the help of an experienced professional who can apply all necessary procedures. At Medius Alpha Clinic the full range of colon diagnostic procedures is available, which includes: rectoromanoscopy, anoscopy, video-colonoscopy, video-gastroscopy, irigography, and 3D-ultrasound examination. For the comfort of patients there is the option for mild anaesthesia (sedation) for most of the said examinations.The colon cancer is the second most frequent oncological condition for both men and women. At the same time, it is one of those conditions, that are generally preceded by benign formations whose removal can prevent the risk of follow-up cancer processes. The most recent studies show that in Bulgaria, each day three people get colon cancer and one dies. Greatest frequency is observed within the age from 60 to 65. If diagnosed in the early stage, this condition is curable, therefore in the developed countries wide screening is being done, to include examination for occult hemorrhages. The recommendation is to do annual prophylaxis examinations for population over 50 years of age.